TextE are textile experiments that focus on exploring the interplay between the simultaneous actions of two people, different materials and cinematic movements. They see their artistic work in a dialogue with each other - which they record step by step. The resulting works serve as a basis for inspiration and interpretation, which are further developed and presented in different formats and media depending on the context.


Urbangreen stands for nature in urban space. It is perceived both visually and acoustically - we see nature and hear the city.

urbangreen, 2021, Animation


Technique: stop-motion, embroidery and crochet
Material: wool and tights
Completion: 2021
Duration: 01:24
Format: 16:9
Sound: abk.


"urbangreen" is part of the "6th International Trienale of Textile Art"
Danubiana Meulensteen Art Museum, Bratislava-Čunovo, SK
04. September 2021 – 14. November 2021


Artwear, top backless


working process

urbangreen and the artwear are spin-offs of TextE 09 (2020)